Water irrigation

Water irrigation is a tooth cleaning tool with a jet stream of water under pressure aims at the desired areas after flossing.  One of the brands I recommend is  "Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser" There are other brands that can be attached to the shower head as well.
Waterpik ultra water flosser will clean the hard to reach where floss can't. Featuring six specialized tips. "Waterpik Ultra Flosser" gives you a deep-yet-gentle clean around gums, between teeth, effectively removes plaque and debris around orthodontic braces and dental implants. Waterpik if use correctly, can safely clean below the gum line, massage the gums, and improve and maintain the health of gum tissue.

How to use water irrigation correctly and efficiently:
1. Fill the tank with warm water to the level recommended, add a few drops of Listerine.

2. Select the proper tip, start with low pressure.

3. Lay the angle of the tip 45 degrees to the junction between the tooth and gums and  direct water to inside gum tissue

4. Slowly increase the pressure not too much that you experience pain, but enough to flush food particle out from inside the gum.

5. Move the tip around the edge of the gums on each tooth.  While moving the tip,  maintain 45 degrees angle until finished. Add more water if necessary.  Practice and familiar yourself with the appliance before using it.
6. Use at least once a day before bedtime.


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