A frenum ( frenulum) is a band of tissue that connects a tongue, lips, or cheeks to the gums. When a frenum situated too close to the two central teeth or too close to the tip of the tongue, it restricts the tongue or lip movement.

When the frenum restricts the movement of the lips, cheeks and tongue, a frenectomy is recommended.  The frenectomy removes the tissue attachment of the frenum from the gums, allow the lip and tongue to move freely. When using laser for frenectomy, bleeding is minimal, and stitch is not necessary.

There are two types of frenum:

1. Labial Frenum: the attachment of tissue between the inside of upper or lower lips and the gums. Frenectomy at the lips prevents the front teeth from having space between them (diastema) due to the constant force from frenum pushing them apart.

2.  Lingual Frenum: the attachment of tissue between the tongue and the floor of the mouth. When the tissue attaches close to the tip of the tongue, it limits the tongue movement, chewing and pronunciation.

Adults that require dentures may need to have frenectomy to create a better perimeter seal on the denture.

Labial Frenum before surgery

Labial Frenum after surgery

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