Tooth Bonding - Cosmetic Dentistry

The main purpose of cosmetic bonding is for esthetic reason.  The tooth needs to have enough tooth structure to support a thin porcelain shell through bonding materials. If there is not enough tooth structure left, a crown may be a better choice.

There are two ways to accomplish cosmetic bonding in dentistry:
  1. Direct bonding - This technique uses composite resin to build tooth structure in a small increment until reaching the desired esthetic goal. It is more conservative preparation and cost efficient, an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers.

    Direct bonding is completed in-office in one visit and required minimal tooth reduction. Direct bonding requires a dentist with strong artistic inclination and training in cosmetic dentistry to achieve the best result. The dentist can manipulate the color and shape of the resin with patient's input.

    Composite resin is softer than porcelain veneer and susceptible to stain. Post-treatment care by patient is essential in sustaining the longevity of the bonding material e.g.:
    • Use straw to drink colored juices
    • Use very light abrasive toothpaste such as Rembrandt Toothpaste, or Supersmile toothpaste.  The caustic substance in regular toothpaste removes the luster from a composite resin and makes it looks dull.
    •  Rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking coffee or tea

  2. Indirect bonding (porcelain veneer) - is a thin porcelain shell, custom-made to fit over the front of the tooth. This technique requires at least two appointments to accomplish the esthetic goal.  The first appointment, the dentist reduces tooth to a thickness guided by the manufacturer of a particular porcelain used, the impression is taken and sent to the dental technician for fabrication of the veneer.  The second appointment is for cementing porcelain veneer onto the tooth.

    Indirect bonding is stronger and better color stable than he direct bonding, most of the time requires more tooth reduction than direct bonding, higher expenses for the patients compare to direct bonding.

    Note: Lumineers from DenMat is the only porcelain veneer that requires no tooth reduction. Since there is no tooth reduction, the patient enjoys a new smile without any post-treatment sensitivity.
Before and after pictures of tooth bonding

Closing gaps between teeth (diastema)

Re-contour tooth

Cover white spots on teeth

Repair broken teeth

Mask dark stained teeth

Re-construct worn off anterior teeth

What if patients do not know if they want any bonding on their teeth?
What if patients do not have enough funds to do cosmetic bonding?
What if patients just want their teeth to look beautiful instantly?
What if patients do not wish to keep bleaching their teeth?
What if patients want to have temporary tooth while waiting the wound to heal?

There is a solution to all the "What if" above. Thanks to a new technology by DenMat called "Snap-on Smile."  "Snap-on Smile" is an affordable, non-invasive approach to cosmetic dentistry alternative to veneers. It is a thin and high strength dental material made of milled acetal resin that dramatically change the appearance of the teeth instantly.  "Snap-on smile" requires two visits to fitting on your teeth without any tooth drilling.

The first dental visit is for evaluation of the overall condition of the teeth, color selection; taking an impression. The second visit is for insertion (cementing) the Snap-On Smile on your teeth.

Dentist can use Snap-On Smile in:
  • People with gaps between two teeth
  • Persons with missing tooth
  • People with discolored teeth
  • Individuals who have missing teeth and are not suitable to have bridges or implants
  • People who want to change color of their teeth but don't want bleaching or veneers
  • Persons who have removable partial dentures and want a more comfortable and beautiful alternative
  • Implant provisional restoration
Find a dentist who is trained to do Snap-On Smile in your area here.

Before and after pictures of Snap-On Smile:

 Crooked teeth

Missing teeth 

Implant provisional restoration 

Enhance smile


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