What to ask the dentist

Questions to ask the dentist during a dental appointment:
  1. If you do not have any pain, ask the dentist if there is any hidden cavity, gum problems.  Request the bite-wing x-rays to detect a cavity in between a tooth.

  2. If you have pain, ask the dentist for the most preservative way to treat the problem without losing the tooth.

  3. Ask the dentist for a full explanation of the findings, treatment plan, and prognosis
  4. If you were recommended to have tooth extraction, ask the dentist why the removal is necessary and if there is any way to save the tooth.  Extraction may seem to solve the problem at first, but the result may yield more complication and more expenses in the future.  Compare different ways of saving your tooth and make a wise decision by including future costs into the discussion.  If necessary, consult with another dentist preferably the specialist before making a final determination. 

  5. If you have gum disease (periodontal disease) and gum surgery was recommended, ask the dentist for nonsurgical treatment instead.  It is less traumatic, fewer expenses, and with good result.

  6. Ask about the warranty policy on the major treatment, e.g., cap (crown), dentures, partial dentures, implants.

  7. Ask the dentist for detailed fee charge before any treatment.  Request a document of your portion of the total cost in advance. Request that all future charges be discussed with you in advance.

  8. For major treatment; ask for total fee charges including any subsequent visits, e.g.,  check the wound, remove the stitch, changing the dressing.
  9. Request the copies of your dental X-rays with dental records and keep them for future reference. 

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